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Database Design

  • a. Introduction
  • b. What is a Data Warehouse?
  • c. Structure of a Data Warehouse
  • d. Star Schema
  • e. OLAP vs OLTP
  • f. SETL
  • g. Entity Constraints
  • h. Referential Constraints
  • i. Semantic Constraints
  • j. ERDs
  • k. Start Schema: A demonstration
  • l. Summary

Database Creation in MySQL Workbench

  • a. Introduction
  • b. Introduction to DDL and DML Statements
  • c. DDL Statements: a Demonstration
  • d. DML Statements: a Demonstration
  • e. Modifying Columns
  • f. Practice Exercise – DDL and DML Statements
  • g. Summary

Querying in MySQL

  • a. Introduction
  • b. SQL Statements and Operators
  • c. Aggregate Functions
  • d. Ordering
  • e. The Having Clause
  • f. String and Date – Time Functions
  • g. Regular Expressions
  • h. Nested Queries
  • i. CTEs
  • j. Views
  • k. Summary

Joins and Set Operations

  • a. Introduction
  • b. Set Theory
  • c. Types of Joins
  • d. Types of Joins: A Demonstration
  • e. Outer Joins: A Demonstration
  • f. Views with Joins
  • g. Set Operations with SQL
  • h. Practice Questions
  • i. Summary

SQL Practice Case Study

  • a. SQL Practice Case Study


  • a. Questions
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